six 10mL bottles of aromatherapy essential oils: Eucalyptus, Tea Trea, Lavender, Frankinsense, Ylang Ylang, Sandlewood

My Health A-Z Essential Oils 100% Pure and Natural

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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

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The Snake Peptide Wrinkle Venom is amazing, it changed my skin in
literally a week! It’s clearer, softer, and my redness is fading.


Moisturising Multi-Vitamin Cream is the best a every used. My skin soaks it up. No oil feeling, smells nice and I highly recommend it.


Not cheap, but so worth it. This Peptide Firming Serum works very well on my face. My skin feel moisturised soft all day long.

Brigitte D